News from The Shoe Design Studio!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

First, we’d like to thank you for taking part in our Holiday Sparkle contest. As we announced on our Facebook page, the contest winner is Stephanie La Plante!

Her entry was unforgettable, and so is her outfit! She wins the OPI Holiday Mini Collection, and the votes of many of our fans!

The Shoe Design Studio is preparing to launch the most creative aspect of our site, ‘Create from Scratch’. Create from Scratch allows you, the designer, to mix and match shoe parts to form a complete shoe design. After you have created your unique shoe design, you will then be able to apply your selected materials to the various shoe parts.

Stay tuned to our blog, Facebook and Twitter to find out precisely when it will be ready!

Until then, Happy Holidays, and stay creative!

Shoe Design Studio Designer of the Week: Rina

Just wanted to share this week’s “Designer of the Week,” Rina, who submitted this lovely red and black open-toed pump with a strap.

The Shoe Design Studio


This shoe could definitely work with evening wear or at the office.

What would you create if you could design your own shoes?  Well you can! Just head over to The Shoe Design Studio now, and design your very own custom footwear today.

Then submit your design each week through our site tool at The Shoe Design Studio and we will feature the winning shoe design each Friday on FacebookIt’s so much fun, and we’re seeing some really unique and lovely designs.  Then order your new shoes to be carefully crafted by one of our custom footwear artists for a fraction of the cost of designer shoes.  The best part is they are ALL yours!