Fashion accessory forecast for Spring 2012

When reviewing the looks and details of fashion in 2011, bigger did seem to be better this year. Fortunately, at the Shoe Design Studio, you can design a shoe to go with any style!

Truly a new year in every sense including fashion and accessories, 2012 is looking a bit different.  Bright colors are making way for pastels, and have been dropped to merely accent status when it comes to accessories for the coming year.

Pretty pale pinks paired with shimmering silvers are taking over bags and jewelry this spring, weaving the colors and textures together.  The hand-held clutch is the “it” bag of the coming season.

This spring, choose a long waist belt that wraps around you multiple times. Wear these belts in color, using bright shades to complement an outfit rather than frame it.

Hair pieces will be very much in focus this year. Look for oversized hair clips with lots of detail, and in feminine designs and shapes. Thin alice bands in pastel shades and subtle, bronzed metallic will be popular this year, too.

The theme and tone for accessories this year is pretty, feminine and subtle. That doesn’t mean it has to look understated – mix up statement colors and layer lots of pieces for a more intense look.

Delicate is in, so choose accessories that are graceful, soft and accentuate the feminine.