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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: For the Woman who likes Gadgets!

By Steve Tocher,

How do we really say “I love you,” to the woman who harbored and sheltered us inside of her? Who nurtured us as we grew year by year?  Who silently always worries about where we are and if we have eaten all 3 meals that day, no matter how old we get? Gifts on days like these never seem to show them enough appreciation or justly demonstrate our love to the woman, we call mommy.

I can’t say that any of these gifts in my top 3 list will even come close to the feeling you’re trying to deliver to that special woman in your life; however as the old saying goes, “it’s counts when it’s from the heart,” and these 3 gift selections are from my heart.

At iLala Watchband‘s the goal was to create a stylish and beautiful way to carry around the iPod Nano. They have not only reached their goal, but may have created a fashion statement. Each hand crafted wristband and bracket comes in different patterns, styles and is slightly different then the next. Creating that homemade feel and for only $35.00, how could you go wrong? The iLala Watchband is an elegant way for mom to stay trendy, tell the time and have her music all on her wrist.

The Shoe Design Studio takes the idea that women love shoes, to a whole new level. Most women are looking for the perfect pair that fit just right and have that extra clip, stud or exact colour. Well now, you can sit down with her and allow her to design the perfect model for her feet. With over 120 different fabrics, models and sizes, the only thing holding her back will be the right outfit to go with them. This is one of those gifts that will have her addicted for hours and an experience she will never forget.

The Nest Thermostat is the final gift of 2012 and seems to be one of the highest grossing as well. Not only is this a trendy state of the art thermostat but it also programs itself. It keeps learning the more you use it.  So if you’re not at home or while you’re sleeping, it regulates the house for you and even has a app for the iOS and Android operating systems for those cold, hot or sick times when you just can’t get out of bed. It’s a fantastic and cool way to control the house. Check it out at:

A lot of us can never repay our mom’s for what they have done for us, but all we can hope for is that Kodak moment when we see their faces light up, when we know we made there day, like they have done for us time and time again. If you know your mom loves gadgets or techy tools then one or all of these gifts may make her smile.

From all of us at the Collective Pushlishing Company, Happy Mother’s Day!

A Glossy Affair

Happy Wednesday!

Here are some of the patent leathers available for your selection in our 3D design studio at You may also view all the other patent materials on our Facebook page.

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